Fundamental of Desert Technology in Saudi Arabia

Fundamental of Desert Technology in Saudi Arabia
Fundamental of Desert Technology in Saudi Arabia

Fundamental of Desert Technology in Saudi Arabia :

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is infamous for its geographical deserts. Located in the Arabian Peninsula, the country is surrounded by deserts, and temperatures can vary up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Despite its geographic odds, the government made a name for itself in the region and has set the pace in technology globally. As part of its efforts to maintain the state of the Planet, it has made significant investments in green technology, one of which is Desert technology. This article examines the fundamentals of desert technology in Saudi Arabia.

What is Desert Technology

Ever since it declared its vision to achieve net zero emissions by 2030, the country has been very particular about implementing alternative measures to using and producing fossil fuels within its territories. One of those measures is Desert Technology. Desert technology is a means for the Saudi Arabian government to develop and integrate solar energy across the country. This technology is to, among other things, aid the country in developing its non-oil products, renewable energy, and global exportation of goods. It also aims to domesticate the production and sale of renewable solar energy to meet the objectives of its National Renewable Energy Program. The government has kickstarted its efforts mainly through strategic partnerships and investment in companies specialized in producing renewable energy.

What are the Fundamentals of Desert Technology in Saudi Arabia

A particularly striking feature of this agreement is that Saudi Arabia is not only concerned about providing alternative energy but also aims to prioritize national production and global supply chains. To promulgate technology dedicated to providing renewable energy and achieving Saudi Arabia’s vision, the country has patterned up with a fore company that manufactures and sells solar panels, Desert Technologies Industries. The country has tagged the ‘Made in Saudi’ program to produce and export solar panels made by the government at local and international levels. On its part, Desert Technologies Industries intends to manufacture more solar products to support the country’s economy and enhance its non-oil exports.
The company, in partnership with the Saudi Arabian government, hopes to begin exportation to about 30 countries around the world. The company would be concerned with on-grids and off-grid systems, solar streetlights, solar home systems, battery storage systems, and electric vehicle infrastructure systems.
The memoranda of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Desert Technologies Industries have been signed in the presence of stakeholders. These memoranda strategically show the proposed efforts to increase the production of solar panels to satisfy domestic and international demands.

The accompanying benefits of Saudi Arabia’s foray into desert technology are appealing. The country, through the program, will get a chance to delve into the local transformation of its energy products while at the same time increasing domestic competition and renewable energy advancement.


Perhaps, one thing that Saudi Arabia will always stand out for is its ability to back its plans with actions. Talks about providing large-scale renewable energy have been in the works for a long time. The country has finally found a way to achieve safe and clean desert technology mainly by partnering with interested companies, particularly the Desert Technology Industries. With this, all doubts are erased about the viability of desert technology and Saudi Arabi’s role.