Tech Events in Saudi Arabia You Should Look Forward to

Tech Events in Saudi Arabia You Should Look Forward to

If you are someone in the technology industry, whether a tech entrepreneur, employee, freelancer, or enthusiast, attending technology events is a given. Tech conferences provide the platform to connect to like-minded tech enthusiasts and stay updated on the trends in the industry. In addition, technology events are the perfect opportunity to get inspiration, find interested investors for start-up founders, and generally gain better recognition as someone in the tech space.

Upcoming Tech events in Saudi Arabia

For Saudi Arabian residents, the following are 2022 IT & tech events that you can look forward t:

International Conference on Science, Engineering & Technology:

Researchfora organizes ICSET to share the knowledge and recent trends in Science, Engineering and Technology. It provides a platform for meeting students, engineers, scientists, and researchers from academia and industry. Here, they can exchange ideas on relevant developments in their respective fields. This August conference is the 1172nd event organized by Researchfora, and it will be happening from 28-29 August. You can get further details from here

IDC Saudi Arabia CIO Summit:

The Vision 2030 objectives of the Saudi Arabian government are the foundation for this tech event. It is an in-person event and will be held from 19-20 September. The 2022 edition of the summit will explore the national-level digital revolution. Furthermore, the event will look at the nation’s evolving tech landscape and present strategies the country’s organizations are implementing to transform into a digitally resilient future. The best news is that the tech event is free for end users. Find more information on the event here.

HR Tech Saudi Summit:

This is the only event within the Kingdom that brings top HR and IT leaders together. By focusing on HR technology, the tech event allows innovators to discuss the latest trends, sentiments and difficulties faced in executing technology for the Kingdom’s human resource sector. The 2022 event will be the 6th Annual HR Tech Saudi Summit and will take place virtually from 9-10 November. You can find further details about the tech event here.

Saudi Arabia Tech Summit:

The Saudi Arabia Tech Summit is scheduled from 13-14 November. The Global Start-up Ecosystem is organizing it with Saudi Arabia. The event will feature entrepreneurs, tech investors and influencers coming together to discuss and address the biggest problems hindering the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, the impact and developmental strategies of future technologies like blockchain, and nanotechnology, will also be taught at this event. For more information about the event, check here.

DC Saudi Arabia Government Congress Digitally Reimagining the Future Government:

Saudi Arabia’s government has optimized emerging technologies and innovations for better economic growth. This tech event will serve as a meeting point for the government and public sector transformation experts to discuss pressing matters on how pioneer government executives drive digital innovation while protecting citizen privacy and fostering digital sovereignty. It is an in-person event and is set to hold on the 6th of December at 9 A.M. Also, one can find more details on the event here.

You can look forward to these tech events in Saudi Arabia in the coming months. If you notice, they have been arranged from the closest to the farthest date so you can prepare adequately.

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