Watch Out for These Middle Eastern NFT Artists:

Watch Out for These Middle Eastern Nft Artists
Watch Out for These Middle Eastern Nft Artists

Many accomplished creators in the Middle East are delving into the mystical realm of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are rapidly becoming a prominent form of digital currency. The emergence of OpenSea boomed the popularity and acceptance of digital NFT art worldwide. Even celebrities and influencers use NFTs as their social media profile picture. As a result, NFTs have seen a meteoric rise in both interest and investment from investors throughout the globe.

As we approach a new age, art will no longer be limited to its physical entity. These days, artworks are just another commodity that can be bought and sold on internet marketplaces that link sellers and buyers of all kinds. Kristel Bechara and Aya Tarek are just two of the many Middle Eastern artists who have begun their own NFT initiatives, demonstrating the region’s equally furious speed. Discord and Twitter are both great places to keep up with community-created artwork, and you can also find rare NFT collectibles created by well-known artists.

An NFT Investment In The Middle East: Check Out These Arab NFT Artists

Kristel Bechara – Dubai-Based Contemporary And NFT Artist

Kristel Bechara is a genius who produced utterly original work. She is the first Middle Eastern female artist to deliver a series of NFT tokenized artwork. She draws inspiration from the kinds of feelings that we all have and can relate to in creating her art. As one of the first artists in the Middle East to use NFT technology, Kristel has earned acclaim for her groundbreaking contribution to the field. Her latest series, Beauty in DeFi, is an excellent example.

Amrita Sethi – Focuses On NFT Fractionalization As A Niche

NFT artist Amrita Sethi specialized in fractionalized NFTs and developed a 2D animation with audio. She released her first NFT portfolio through Terra Virtua, a marketplace for trading, buying, and selling virtual or augmented reality 2D and 3D digital assets, including crypto art and NFTs.

Waleed Shah – UAE-Based NFT Artists

Waleed Shah is a visual artist who creates NFTs that look like magazine covers. The two fields blend well together, especially photography and NFTs. He is a skilled artist with multiple NFT collections. Typically, his magazine covers discuss societal concerns and concepts of empowerment.

Aya Tarek – An Egyptian Artist

Aya Tarek, who comes from a more traditional fine arts background, is a talented artist who does excellent work that evokes emotion. She designed an original art series for NFTY Arabia. The first artworks to be auctioned on NFTY are from Aya’s collection, which includes both traditional paintings and virtual artworks.

Does Technological Advancement Have Any Impact On NFTs And Artists?

Inevitably, technological advancement affects the visual arts. The world is changing rapidly from the rise of social media to the popularity of online auctions. The technological aspect opens up new options and methods for collaboration. It has given artists increased exposure, expanded their reach, and provided them with influence. Artists now have a reliable and secure means of financial support. NFTs are attractive to artists because they can register for royalty fees whenever their work is sold on the blockchain.

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